Slow to speak; quick to listen.
It’s about you!

Tell us your current method. Tell us how you’d like IT to work. Tell us your pain-points. Tell us your budget and we’ll give you a plan. The solution is a Cybersecurity team, top-notch toolsets, tech expertise, white-glove support, business productivity and peace of mind.


First, we want to go over three things:

1.) You’d be surprised what we can re-use–if you don’t need ‘new stuff’ then we won’t recommend ‘new stuff’–it’s that simple! You don’t have to replace ‘everything’ in your network or business to be healthy from an IT standpoint.

2.) We don’t hold your info hostage!  We give you the ‘docs’ on your business IT assets so no matter what happens, you’ll always have our ‘playbook’ and ‘documentation’ on your stuff.

3.) To be effective, we must ‘Plan your Attack’ and then ‘Attack your Plan’
These are important, but let’s check out a few other more important tactics that we use…



We start by listening to you. Tell us your story. Tell us your headaches. Tell us your dreams. Tell us your pain-points. Tell us what you want from your technology.  These are just some of the questions we’ll ask during our first rendezvous:

» What problems are you currently
having with your technology?
 » How much time are you currently
spending on technology-related issues?
» Where do you think you
fall short technologically?

» Do you have a budget for your
technology? Would you like one?


Now that we’ve obtained your brain-dump of your technology plagues and ambitions, it’s time to plan the attack! You need a mindful attack plan to conquer your technology! It may have been winning the battle–but we will win the war! This is what we do best! We’ll work with you to develop a solution to eradicate your problems and propel you, your business and your technology forward!

» Enumeration: Technology and Asset Discovery
 » Identify Obstructions & Threats to Objective
» Expertise, Innovation, Analysis, Gameplan
» Documentation & Procedures Development



We pride ourselves on communication–whether things are going great or everything’s on fire!  Sometimes things don’t go 100% according to plan, but that doesn’t stop us from striving for excellence. Communication is a key-factor in our organization with our staff and with you–our client.  We go above and beyond to establish clear dialogue with our clients. If the project is going well, we’ll tell you–if it’s going poorly, we’ll explain the current situation and the dilemma.

» Online portal to view current status, billing history and to communicate with us
 »Provide consistent status updates regarding your project
» Inform you of price-change or new discoveries affecting the end-result/budget of your project
» Follow-ups after service completion to ensure satisfaction and successful project completion


Attack the Plan! The plan is complete–it’s time to strike! Together, we attack your technology head-on, armed with the knowledge and vision you’ve provided us, the strategy and gameplan we’ve created for you and the never-changing resolve to be victorious against technological faults everywhere!  The result? We win! You Win! Your business wins! Your family wins! Your headaches—gone!

» Tried-and-True Technological Services, Methods and Products only
 » Expert technicians implementing
your solution

» Analytical Mindset to confirm even the most complex projects are implemented properly
» P+E=S: Perseverance + Experience = Success…and Success means Project Completion!

Please Note:

Feelings of: excitement; relief; confidence; desire to expeditiously plan your next IT project; a dissipating headache, etc–are normal and expected side-effects of a successful project completion.

You know all there is to know about us now! However, in case you need more information, feel free to read some of the words of our ravings fans: our clients!