Things Have Changed.
Cyber Attacks are WAY Up!

58% of victims are Small Businesses.


60% of those hacked close their doors within 6 months.

This must stop.


There’s a Silent Killer on the loose and it’s called Ransomware.

 Hackers are much more sophisticated than they used to be and are now using file-less malware to infiltrate your business.


The New Security Landscape 

Whether or not you know it, your business is under attack!

Traditional detection and protection products are ill-suited to ensure todays businesses are protected against the sophisticated attackers of this era. Yesterday’s IT is now a commodity that businesses can no longer afford to hang on to. Things have changed and businesses must adapt not only to the new reality of cyber threats but also the irrefutable fact that no business is too big or too small. Sadly, everyone is a target and we must all be much more vigilant.  Don’t worry. We’ve got this…

Strategic Objective:
Stop businesses of all sizes from experiencing the reality of being breached, losing their money and the aftermath of a crippled reputation.

Action Item:
Unique approach!


The Past 2 Years

One thing is for sure. Cyber Attacks are higher than they have ever been.
We can act swiftly in implementing the following services for your business:

Cyber Security

We utilize state of the art solutions to ensure protection against today’s advanced threats

Full Service IT

Implement an expert-level IT Department for your organization and gain access to multiple competent IT pro’s for the cost of not even one

Managed Services

Experience ongoing monitoring and management of your technology and budget through these services

Fixed Monthly Budget

We provide you a fixed line-item in your budget to aid with cashflow prediction and even help you strategize your upcoming hardware expenses for your most profitable months

What does this mean for your business?

  • Focus on what matters most
  • Peace of mind through expert cybersecurity
  • Growth through fixed monthly budget and technology planning
  • Prevention of costly failures and breaches before they happen
  • Staff empowerment to handle the problem themself through the IT Department

PC Projects has been helping us with our technology for over 10 years.  They’re dependable and are always on top of the latest products and software available.

Mark Rodgers Construction

PC Projects always does an excellent job and their level of knowledge is second to none. They’re fast, efficient, reliable and worth every cent!

Belt Insurance

We’ve covered the 3 W’s (Who/What/Why).
Now we can break down the ‘How’.