Ensure your business stays secure, productive and profitable.

By partnering alongside you we bring an experience unlike any other. We take charge of your security defenses, proactively resolve items before they become visible problems, resolve security holes you didn’t know you had and strategize with you to plan your next move through technology.

We turn vulnerability, unpredictability and reaction into fortification, forecasting and proactivity. 

Why Managed Security Services?

Get the security your business needs and that your competition doesn’t have. Safeguard your revenues and grow your business with our risk management and technology services. Get a capable IT Department and Security Team at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT staff. Get a consulting firm to strategize your upcoming technological needs and forecast your budget. Go beyond simple repairs with a one-time solution. A long-term partnership gives us insight into your technology and allows us to prevent problems before they happen.


We add these 4 critical areas to your business



Nextgen Security & Protection

Monthly Budget

Our Unique Approach

We create your own customized technology roadmap, meet with you regularly to discuss upcoming items of concern, help you implement new policy and even work with you to plan your replacement or expansion of your technological assets. All while keeping your systems operational, without malfunction and at no sacrifice to security.

We change reactivity to proactivity by using these 4 simple steps:


Everything starts with a Cyber Security Risk Assessment. This is a truly in-depth audit, but is unlike anything you have ever had before. This eye-opening assessment serves to identify your weaknesses, locate the areas of concern for your custom-tailored action plan, streamline your technological processes and establish how to move forward with your risk.


We address the items from the action plan and implement your new Cybersecurity and Management services. Our technology team equips your business with what it needs, our hand-curated individual assortment of tools and protection systems are deployed, for both on-premises and cloud-based security. We brief our Security Operations Center and outline the procedure for monitoring and risk or threat mitigation.


We equip your infrastructure, both on-premises and in-cloud with the proven security safeguards and on-going monitoring it needs so that it’s capable of reporting items of concern on its own. All critical systems are monitored by us and our SOC 24/7/365. This ensures that you maintain the highest level of productivity and security.


With our new protocols in place, we can now protect against issues like never before. This protection is proactive so issues can be dealt with before they occur and affords the ability to react expeditiously, should the situation warrant it. With us and our SOC monitoring and managing your technology, you can rest assured that any red-flags are dealt with expeditiously to allow for continued operations and serious mitigation of business risk.

How does this help you?

  • Frees you up to focus on your business instead of reacting to technological breakdowns.
  • Helps you increase your bottom-line with a fixed, monthly budget amount for your technology.
  • Gives you peace of mind by locking down your technology to prevent compromise and breaches.
  • Lets you save on cost by preventing critical failures before they happen and fixing them fast if they do.
  • Assists you in growing your business by leveraging technology instead of always being halted by it.


A handful of our Managed Security Services

Nextgen Security & Threat Protection

One threat can compromise your entire network and practically ruin your
reputation overnight.  Don’t chance it!
We can protect you and mitigate against these attacks with the latest and greatest technology on the market. We hand curate our technology stack and employ a series of tools and services that we administer to safeguard your business against attack.
We will manage your risk effectively and proactively through Cybersecurity.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Most have a backup, but few ever that backup tested and verified. Disaster Recovery is the ability to bring a business back to a functional state after an unplanned event.
Hard Truth: Data that you don’t have at least three copies of (original, onsite and offsite) is data that you don’t care about–at all!
We protect and safeguard your data at the highest level with encryption, with on-site/off-site recovery capabilities and routinely perform test restores to ensure your data is retrievable in the event that a restoration becomes necessary!


E-Mail & Data Continuity Services

Don’t use Grandma’s e-mail services to run your business empire. Legacy EMail is dead! If you’re using your Internet Provider or Hosting Companies EMail services–it’s time to switch! These old-school(POP/IMAP) services were created back in 1984–that’s older than we are! Your business deserves synchronicity; it deserves security; it deserves Office 365 or Google. We’ll help you get there!
Even with Office 365/GSuite, there are limited security protocols that can be utilized, leaving you vulnerable. That’s where we come in and where the technology stack saves the day.

Secure Wireless Networks

Wireless Security? Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Well, no! Not necessarily! While going wireless is never ‘as’ safe and secure as remaining hard-wired, we can make it pretty darn close!  Next-gen Wi-Fi is the wave of the future–and it’s the language of millennials. You need wireless–if not for you then for your staff or your customers. We can partition traffic so you can offer wireless for your clients and staff that won’t cross-over into your internal network. Safe, secure, painless and millennial-friendly! We’ll even employ a secondary verification requirement for your primary WiFi in case your wireless key is ever discovered.

Small Business Servers

Do you have a server? Whether on-premises, in-cloud or hybrid we have you covered. Do you want a server? No problem. We’ll get you pricing and develop an implementation plan for you!
Do you ‘need’ a server? Maybe, but a properly curated security package can take the place of any security you’d have been afforded by a traditional server. Likewise, file appliances and cloud storage can replace any server storage needs. You can keep file organization, centralized management and security in your business through cloud infrastructure. This is the era of the cloud–and it’s powerful! Cloud computing, cloud software and cloud management could end up costing you less and offering more functionality in the long-run. We’re happy to make that qualifier for you after learning more about your business.

VoIP/Telephony Solutions

Do you have an older phone system that needs a check-up? We can do that! Are you thinking about moving your phone system to the cloud? We can do that too! Gone are the days of RJ-11 hardwired, location-tethered POTS(Plain Old Telephone Service) systems…well, not completely just yet– but they should be and they will be within the next 5 years! The ability for a company to have an IP phone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and be treated the exact same as if that phone were connected internally to the company’s building/headquarters’ switched network is amazingly powerful! Propel your company communication to new heights! New-age VoIP Phone Services can help you provide a dynamic environment capable of responding to work-from-home needs and at no sacrifice to professionalism.

hardware procurement and implementation

We offer a wide variety of hardware and computer systems, all tailored to your specific needs. Every hardware item employs the following:

+No Bloatware —  All Unnecessary applications will be completely uninstalled so you get the most availability of free space on your new system

+Pre-Tuned — Your new system comes pre-defragged along with all files and directories completely reconsolidated to deliver the most performance to you

+100% Optimized — We configure your system specifically for the very best in processing efficiency and file performance

+Pre-Updated — We download and install ALL of the latest Windows and Driver Updates to ensure your system isn’t falling behind

+Stability Tested — All of our systems are put through an array of extensive testing to confirm that the machine is more than equipped to handle any task, small or large. This ensures 100% System stability for your computer, even under the most extreme conditions

+Protected — The latest and greatest Cybersecurity arsenal software is pre-installed and configured to ensure the most comprehensive protection. This is a definite way of making sure that your new system will remain uninfected upon installation in your environment, even if your network already has existing lurking threats of which you may be unaware.

Tailored Consulting Services

We’ll Do IT!  If you don’t see your service/solution listed above–don’t worry.  We can still help you. We want to be your TA (Technology Advisor). Call us and speak to us about our technology consulting services. We’ll learn about your business and the back-end ‘nitty gritty’ of how you’re using your technological systems now so we can make recommendations and advise you moving forward.



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Priority Remote & On-Site Support


Unlimited Break/Fix Labor


Data Backup & Business Continuity


Endpoint Security & Systems Patching


Communications Filtering Services


Mobile Device Management


Health Monitoring & Diagnostics


Scam Protection & Awareness


Hardware Procurement & Secure Disposal


Asset Serialization & Warranty Management


Vendor Liaison & Consulting Services


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