We are Sabre Cybersecurity.

Mitigate your business’ risk and streamline your technology at the same time.

Protecting you today against the zero-day threats of tomorrow.

Anything but average: we know nextgen IT and we love people!

Local to Columbus, Ohio, but serving clients nationwide.


Mission Statement

To empower businesses and grow their revenues through cybersecurity and expert-level IT solutions.

Why We Exist

We exist to safeguard your business, grow your revenues and help you manage your risk against todays advanced threat landscape. Everything has changed and ‘business as usual’ is no longer an option. The days of putting in place technology without an expert practitioner are gone and they’re not coming back. Businesses now need a next-generation, consistently curated technology stack of individual services that are designed to work harmoniously and a competent security team to implement, monitor and remediate against threat actors and their cyber attacks.
Sadly, without this arsenal, businesses are falling victim to these attacks. This must stop. That’s why we exist.

Behind the Name

Dunder Mifflin was taken… just kidding.

The sabre hails from the 18th century and was often used by frontline cavalry. This military weapon is comprised of steel and features a very long edge for cutting. Like the sabre, we also provide state-of-the-art cutting edge technologies. The sabre technique itself is used in fencing and offers a series of defensive parries. Like the sabre technique, we also provide a wide range of defensive strategies that will ensure your risk is mitigated and your assets stay safe. As for whether we’re pronounced ‘say-bur’ or ‘saw-bray’–we’ll leave that to your imagination.

A glimpse into your future experience

We‘re customer-centric

This means that we’re here for you–not us, so if you have a problem–we have a problem! Spoiler Alert: we’ll fix it!

We’re problem solvers

No issue is too big or too small–printer not working? Major network crash? We’ll fix IT and we’ll fix IT fast!

We’re innovative

We know that one-size doesn’t fit all! This is why we offer custom solutions tailored to your individual needs and budget. Sometimes you need the BMW–most of the time you don’t!

We’re consultants

If you have a computer or network, whether implemented by us or not, we can help. We offer individualized consultation services for you and your business on how to best utilize your technology. You might be fine with what you have…you might not–we’ll tell you! Schedule us for that big upcoming meeting or use us on a conference call with your own team.

It’s Personal

You’ll work side-by-side with ‘one’ technician and they’ll be available for consults when you need them. We won’t shuffle you through a round-robin of multiple technicians, leading to a constant ‘learning-curve’ every time you need a service call–that’s ridiculous! Your technician will know what you need and have all the details about your network and systems readily accessible.

We’re Forward-Thinking

We are in this for the long haul. You may need us for something small now, but we’re always looking to the future through the lens of a long-term relationship with you–don’t worry…we’re not your crazy ‘ex.’ We can do plenty of dinner/movies before we start getting intimate and talking about your future goals and dreams. We’ll walk with you at your
own peace.

The blue orb showcases our services. The red orb shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes and how much things have changed.

The blue orb showcases our services. The red orb shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes and how much things have changed.

The blue orb showcases our services. The red orb shows just how deep the rabbit hole goes and how much things have changed.